How Small Business Can Use Big Data Analytics for Marketing Insight

Big Data doesn't just explore statistics but uses intelligence to look for patterns within the data. Many small businesses use big data platforms to monitor customer behavior on their websites, online marketing campaigns, bookings and sales. Business intelligence and big data are also used to analyse the mood of the customer support emails and online feedback.

BI platforms can see patterns, analyze even the sentiment of customer feedback and give small businesses an idea when things are going well.

In a recent Forbes article, Small Business, Big Data: How To Boost Your Marketing With Analytics:

“We can also see when things are going really well, and that’s when you can upsell. That’s when you give them a call, because we have all of these core indicators that their mood is rising.

It can be daunting to allow big data tools to take control, but small business owners should let go and trust the numbers.

Sometimes we don’t know why things are happening,” But don’t get caught up trying to interpret every data point. “The question is, is it making the business better?”

So why don't small businesses take advantage more often of Big Data intelligence?

In the article, Putting The Business Back Into Business Intelligence: How BI Can Grow Your Bottom Line, the author states:

"BI used to require expensive equipment and high-priced data specialists. You had to make a formal request for an analysis, and due to the sheer volume of requests already in progress, you’d be lucky if it was ever fulfilled.

But, like it always does, technology progressed. Cloud computing has made big data cheaper and more accessible than ever. As a result, BI extended beyond the realm of specialists and into self-service.

Leaders who empower everyone on their team to use BI tools can achieve a systemic increase in data-driven decision-making and a corresponding decrease in the use of outdated data and intuition."

The author suggests sharing the information with the entire team ("Collaborative BI") to maximize your ROI and make sure your company focuses only on the data relevant to your growth strategies.

 SophoTree is one of those "BI with engagement" self-service solutions.

Self-service: SophoTree  allows your business to collect data without a specialist intermediary

Collaborative BI: SophoTree  gives you the tools to easily share your BI with employees with drag and drop reports, excel and word documents and a newspaper.

Focus on relevant data: SophoTree saves your targeted queries, uses sentiment analysis, language detection, and interlinking data.

How Small Business Can Use Big Data Analytics for Marketing Insight
SophoTree Inc, Alexander D. Kostopoulos October 28, 2023
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