Born out of 
lessons from
failures and successes

Who we are

SophoTree, founded in 2022, is an information insights company that has built a software platform to globally source information, analyze data in real-time within milliseconds, break the multi-cultural language conversion barrier and safely comply with high security and  clearance requirements.

Our Smart Digital Employees are more than just assistants; they're proactive problem solvers, delivering actionable analytics round the clock, handling sensitive information with utmost confidentiality, and seamlessly collaborating as a cohesive unit to expedite the decision-making journey.

In a world where milliseconds matter and insights dictate outcomes, SophoTree stands as the beacon of innovation. Our Smart Digital Employees epitomize efficiency, reliability, and intelligence, streamlining operations and optimizing resources to propel businesses to unprecedented heights of success. 

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What we offer

Teams of AI Digital Employees for Account Managment to supercharge your businessWe create AI-based Teams of Digital Employees to supercharge your business

At SophoTree, we’ve built the generative AI All-Source software platform that powers AI-based, Smart Digital Employees to support businesses and governmental organizations to benefit from unexploited sources of information, act fast on insights and accurately make mission-critical decisions using SophoTree's representation and reasoning.

At SophoTree, we understand the critical importance of agility and precision in today's fast-paced landscape. That's why our Smart Digital Employees are meticulously crafted to not just assist but to anticipate needs, offering unparalleled support to drive organizational success. 

Armed with state-of-the-art AI capabilities, they empower leaders to navigate complexities with confidence, leveraging classified information securely and orchestrating synchronized efforts for seamless execution. With SophoTree, businesses gain a competitive edge by transforming data into actionable intelligence, ensuring every decision propels them toward their strategic objectives.

Meet with us

Experienced &  Multidisciplinary team

Alexander D. Kostopoulos

  • Management of technology companies 
  • University of California, Berkeley, MBA
  • Un, of Patra, MEEng & Computer Science 

Alkistis Merkouri

  • Senior Manager, Ernst & Young & leading consulting 
  • Extensive banking project experience 
  • Sciences Politique Paris, M.Sc. Econ & Bus

Parke Benjamin

  • Executive spanning multiple industries, specializing in the ideation, growth, and financing of innovative business ventures
  • The Wharton School, Private Equity Certification
  • Texas McCombs School of Business 

Mohammad Rahman

  • International experience SEA, MENA, Europe, North America and telecom, fintech, e-commerce, crowdfunding, healthtech, cybersecurity, SAAS, AI/ML
  • Working knowledge in 9 languages
  • Rapid Go-to-Market execution, and growth scaling
  • Multi-billion-dollar P&L management experience

Yiannos Venieris

Systems & Security
  • Extensive security & system experience 
  • Multiple corporate and government environments including UK’s Royal Navy


David Smith

Senior Advisor
  • Principal designer of In-Q-Tel 
  • Directed Tech Futures programs
  • Led forecasts, grand challenges and roadmaps for defense and the Intel community

Alain Krief

Senior Advisor
  • Vice President of culture and interreligious dialogue at Consistoire Central de France
  • Vice President, of culture, Grande synagogue Notre Dame de Nazareth
  • Coordinateur, Alcatel Enterprise, Europe North


Angelos Angelou

Senior Advisor
  • CEO of International Accelerator
  • Former VP Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • CEO Angelou Economics


Sakis Kotsis

Senior Advisor
  • Chairman & CEO of Intrasoft Int’l in Europe
  • Tripled revenue to 200 million Euro per year
  • Lead 2,500 employees to expand in Europe, Africa & Asia

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