SophoTree: Emotion Analysis, Language Specific Analytics and Interlinked Data

Business opportunities exist all over the world, but first we must be aware that they exist in order to take advantage of the opportunity. Businesses need to keep on top of their market, industry or sector, and need to be fast and accurate in order to explore potential channels to expand.  Business men and women have to to understand developing trends in a broad range of activities. SophoTree offers features such as sentiment analysis, language detection, and can interlink data that makes it easy for users to find the information they need efficiently.

Sentiment Analysis:  

Analyze the attitude, opinion or feeling toward something, such as a person, organization, product or location. Sentiment analysis identifies the positive or negative sentiment within any document or webpage. The algorithm identifies positive or negative connotations as well as the person, place or thing to which it refers. These modes of sentiment analysis may be applied to various use cases ranging from social media monitoring to trend analysis.

Language Detection: 

Detect the language of any text, HTML or web-based content. Language Detection identifies more languages than any other text analysis service at extremely high rates of accuracy.

Inter-Linked Data: 

Expose, share, and connect data on the web. Inter-linking data allows users to analyze connection and patterns that can be useful for understanding market trends for developing long term business plans.

SophoTree: Emotion Analysis, Language Specific Analytics and Interlinked Data
SophoTree Inc, Alexander D. Kostopoulos June 13, 2023
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