News Monitoring: Tracking What the Media is Saying About Your Brand

Tracking your story

Most PR and social media agencies or consultants offer media monitoring as part of their service packages. Scanning online news sources for mentions of your company’s news releases and brand’s marketing or social media campaigns is essential to measure your company’s impact and influence. Tracking what people are saying about your organization, its brands, executives and influencers definitely gives a competitive advantage.

With a comprehensive media monitoring solution, a company or organization can gauge the full impact and assess the success of their campaigns. Brands and companies need to monitor their competitors and issues specific to their industry in order to gather business and marketing intelligence to better their brand and find new marketing opportunities.

A media monitoring process usually starts with developing a search profile with terms or keywords and keyword phrases mentioned within an article’s content or the name of the brand, product or words specific to an online or offline media campaign.

Google Alerts, Talkwater Alerts, Mention and Social Mention are a few examples of news monitoring services, with alerts and keyword search. But conducting multiple searches, in multiple languages perhaps, sorting irrelevant clips, storing searches, managing sources and finally assembling it all into a short report to share with colleagues is a long and tedious process and requires staff and organization.

Therein lies the value of a news monitoring service like reportbrain, which can speed up and streamline this process using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology. reportbrain has many custom features such as de-duplicating real-time articles, “understanding” your searches with NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and also sorting, storing, analyzing your search results and finally wrapping it all up in a easily to create drag and drop report.

Find the right influencers

One very special feature of reportbrain is the deep analysis tab. It not only crunches vital information about your company’s influence but also can reveal your audience’s top influencers as well. While searching with keywords specific to your industry it can reveal journalists, bloggers, websites and other social influencers who are writing about your industry or niche. This media research capability will reveal previously untapped media outlets and influencers that could possibly write about or mention your product on their websites or online news sources.

This is an essential first step for your building your future promotions, online marketing plans and finding new business opportunities.

News Monitoring: Tracking What the Media is Saying About Your Brand
SophoTree Inc, Alexander D. Kostopoulos October 28, 2023
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