Big Data Meets the Media: How Research Benefits the Customer Experience

Every morning when the alarm clock sounds and that dreadful noise marks the start of a new day, the opening routine is to shut off the alarm, pick up our phones, and check forany notifications, texts, or missed calls. For many of us the morning process includesturning on the television or music, and checking what happened on Facebook or in thenews while we were sound asleep. A similar process takes places when we come home from work in the evening and prepare ourselves for bed. Our day starts and ends with a cluster of various media sources that link us to the rest of the world. The word media has transformed and evolved at an accelerated rate over the past twenty or so years. Media today is nothing like it was fifty years ago. Today, with big data and an increase in media sources, the value of market research in any field of work goes beyond measure. Staying ahead of the competition relies heavily on gathering and analyzing market data in order to provide competitive products or services, and will help to build a pool of loyal customers.

“Customer experience is one area that is particularly benefiting from the effective use of big data. As big data analysis processes are refined further, the benefits to consumers and broadcasters will be amplified [1].”

Marketing relies on the ability to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns; however this is becoming more and more difficult. As the amount of data expands, so does the amount of content and number of sources.

 “Success lies in understanding what types of programs and content are popular across digital and traditional channels and content sources, to gain a clear picture of overall consumption [2].”

At SophoTree, our software engineers have created a real-time intelligence platform that deliver its users insights into their specific market, as well as the ability to analyze
connections between companies, stakeholders, and important figures.

Big Data Meets the Media: How Research Benefits the Customer Experience
SophoTree Inc, Alexander D. Kostopoulos (ST) October 28, 2023
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